World’s hottest grandma: My 5 health secrets

World’s HOTTEST grandma: My five health secrets revealed

The woman dubbed ‘the world’s hottest grandma’ has even knocked out scores of young women, after reaching the semi-finals for the coveted crown of Miss Maxim Australia.

What’s her secret? A more natural approach.

‘I’ve never drunk coffee my entire life,’ Gina tells New Idea. ‘My mother always told me it was bad for you, and it was probably the only advice I’ve ever taken from her.

With hardly a wrinkle in sight, Gina radiates an aura of health, beauty and eternal youth – but it hasn’t always been that way.

After a traumatic incident two decades ago, Gina sought help from a psychiatrist so she could deal with her emotions.

World’s HOTTEST grandma: My five health secrets revealed

But after being dependent on a potent ‘cocktail’ of anti-depression and anti-anxiety drugs for 16 years, Gina says she eventually became ‘fed up’ with the amount of chemicals in her body.

During this difficult time, Gina admits she had breast implants and she’s also tried Botox and fillers just once.

But after realising the cosmetic procedures were making her ‘feel sick’, two years ago she made the ‘life-changing’ decision to give up all pharmaceuticals.

Now the only supplement Gina takes daily is Moringa extract, which she says was recommended by her naturopath.

She plans to have her implants removed too. ‘When I was on all those different medications, I looked absolutely terrible,’ recallsGina. ‘My face was all distorted, my eyes looked strange, my skin was awful, and I was constantly bloated.

World’s HOTTEST grandma: My five health secrets revealed

‘I also felt quite numb, tired, and down a lot of the time. Now I feel energetic, happy and alive, and I look so much better now than I did 20 years ago.’

While she recognises it’s impossible to avoid ‘all’ chemicals, she’s learning to eliminate them as much as possible. The mum even stays away from all forms of plastic – refusing to drink out of plastic bottles or eat out of plastic containers.

‘It can be easy to look after yourself as naturally as possible by eating plant-based foods that are inexpensive,’ she explains. ‘Being as natural as I can, inside and out, is what I believe has kept me looking so young.’

Scroll down to read Gina’s top 5 tips for ageing beautifully

World’s HOTTEST grandma: My five health secrets revealed

1 Limit coffee, soft drink and alcohol intake, and drink at least two litres of water daily – preferably alkaline.

2 Use rosehip oil on the face to achieve a healthy and glowing complexion, and put coconut oil on the body to keep the skin soft and supple.

3 Eat natural foods, and fill up on organic fruits and vegetables, while staying away from packaged and processed food.

4 Avoid chemicals in daily life by using natural deodorant, toothpaste and skincare, and limit the use of plastic containers and drink bottles.

5 If possible, cut down on the use of heavy medications and find natural alternatives. 

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