Back pain: Try this £1 drink to soothe painful symptoms

  • Lower back pain and pain in back may be caused by a minor injury or stress
  • Back pain can last for weeks or months, but will often go away on its own
  • Treatment for lower back pain symptoms could include stretches, using hot and cold packs and medication
  • Pain in your back can be soothed by drinking this refreshing £1 tropical drink

Lower back pain can appear due to no obvious cause and be from anywhere on or around the spine.

Symptoms include, according to the NHS, a pain that gets better or worse depending on your position, that can develop gradually or typically feels worse when moving.

Causes of lower back pain may be due to poor posture or lifting something awkwardly, due to a minor injury, or associated with feeling stressed or run down.

Treatment for the condition could involve doing a few extra exercises and stretches a week, using hot and cold packs to soothe affected areas, or medication.

Dr Joshua Axe, a clinical nutritionist based in the US, recommends drinking coconut water to calm back pain in affected areas.